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    Who We Are

    We are a small team of passionate writers who like to investigate what is going on in the UK market for mortgages. Our aim is to bring you all of the latest information and news events surrounding the financial world of mortgages.

    Why We Do This

    There are plenty of fantastic resources on the internet that help people with the mortgage queries but we did notice that sometimes information is lacking or missing altogether and that’s where we come in.

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    Do You Accept Guest Posts?

    We might if they’re good enough. You must adhere to the follow rules before asking:

    • Your article must be at least 1500 word long.
    • You must link to at least 2 of our other blog posts.
    • You can include a link to your own website but no money keywords in the anchor unless it makes sense in the sentence.
    • Your article must be about the UK mortgage market place or related e.g. you may want to talk about how you moved home and the process of finding the mortgage.

    We reserve the right to reject posts or edit them so they fit in with our site properly, we also reserve the right to include an image which is in keeping with our style.

    Can I Add My Business To Your Location Pages?

    Yes, if you fit the criteria. Please use our contact form above to get in touch with your request.

    Are You A Mortgage Broker?

    NO! We are an information website and we do not claim to be a mortgage broker. Our information has been gathered by journalists and writers and although we try to ensure each and every thing that we publish on our website is factually correct at the time of publishing you should still obtain professional advice, this is why we also recommend mortgage brokers in your location too.

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